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Wonder Fest-2013

Date – 29 Oct, 2013

Arts group students of standard XII have organized WONDER FEST-2013 on 28th October, 2013 to showcase and celebrate their excellent artwork. It was inaugurated by the Managing Trustee Dr Manimekalai Mohan in the presence of Trustee Mr S Mohandoss. The logo of the festival was decorated with various colour shades to indicate symbolically the theme “Celebrating Diversity”. Children displayed the handicrafts to keep the spirit of handwork and creativity alive. A huge artwork made of 1256 quills, was an eye catcher. The other exhibit “EconomicsÛLickomics” was the most appropriate for the display of , chocolates, cookies, sesame balls and groundnut balls prepared by the students. Everything was marked with economic symbols to show their importance in the economy today.

The functions of India’s monetary system such as NABARD, BSE and RBI were explained in detail to the visitors. The “Halloween” theme was also made known to the spectators and it was a message to them. Children learnt about event management and fund allocation. M Srisha of standard XII welcomed the visitors with her thematic welcome song.