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House News

A Geologic period of time is marked by its distinctive character, events and changes. Our ‘Houses’ are equally distinct!! Hence their names, Galaphagus,Permian, Cretaceous and Triassic!! There is a healthy competition among them, when it comes to sports and other events. They revel in that rivalry and excel each other amiably!!


We thank all our friends who toiled hard, teachers who extended a helping hand and our house master & house mistress for their kind co-operation with a gleaming light in our eyes for success in our future endeavours. We pray to God to give enough talents to fulfill even mighty tasks than this.


A geological period in which the world was dominated by a single massive continent called Pangaea, surrounded by a global ocean called Panthalassa. So do wePermians! We possess the Permian spirit to strive to excel in whatever we do!


The Cretaceous - the period that followed the Jurassic, when new groups of mammals, birds and flowering plants appeared. We Cretaceans are the creative lot! We leave the indelible Cretaceous mark of creativity, in whatever we do!


Triassic – the period preceding the Jurassic, the latter part of which saw the rift of Pangaea. Pangaea split into Laurasia, to the north and Gondwana, to the south, marking the origin of the present day continents. Triassic, thus, is the period which heralded the New world! We Triassians symbolize everything fresh! We bring in freshness to whatever we do!