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Experiential learning

Teaching is not just knowledge transfer. It is an engaging process, in which we nurture the interest of our students, by encouraging them to learn experientially. We discourage rote-learning and facilitate understanding the concepts, by providing our students with interesting activities and an enriching learning experience.

The Environment

Students conduct researches to complete the projects assigned to them. They are expected to complete the assignments in the school, thereby utilizing school hours more constructively. They are thus free to spend quality bonding time with their parents at home! The success of our students is purely based on their effort to reach for the stars, rooted in values! Our teaching process begins at the kindergarten level! Trained teachers nurture young minds to skillfully imbibe the nuances of any art they learn.

Be it language, creative writing, cartoon making, craft, karate, yoga, classical music & dance, violin, keyboard or playing band – our students become active learners and confident individuals. Our success is made possible by the balanced student-teacher ratio we maintain. This allows each teacher to provide individual attention to every student. We provide our students the flexibility to explore the subjects of their choice.